Here’s an idea: How about instead of teaching girls to cover up their bodies because it might distract boys, teach boys to be decent human beings and control themselves. If someone in the school can’t handle seeing a bra strap or a belly button without freaking out, that is their own fault. Dress codes teach underage girls that their bodies are inherently sexual, and that rather than wearing what is comfortable for them (especially when it’s hot outside), they should cover up so as not to disrupt the learning process of some out of control teenage boys. I am sixteen years old. The sexualization of my body isn’t my fault. It’s the fault of whoever failed to teach these people to be respectful and decent to women. Just a thought as we head into the summer season.

Written by on April 18, 2019

A. Keep in  mind that boy’s undergarments are not allowed r to show and they have to wear shirts to cover their body as well. Boys would also not be allowed to wear really short shorts either.