The Shen School District recently granted permission to the Clifton Park Baseball League to use the logo and name “Plainsmen”. That baseball league is now advertising they are a “feeder” program for the school baseball team. Isn’t the school district putting themselves at risk by allowing a private organization to appear to be affiliated with the school system? If there are incidents with coaches from this league in front of other teams from other areas, it will reflect on the school district negatively. In addition, this gives the appearance to the kids in the Round Lake Baseball League (200+ kids) and the Halfmoon Baseball League (400 + kids), all of which reside in the Shen school system that the school will only allow kids on their school baseball team if they came thru the Clifton Park Baseball League.

Written by on February 5, 2016

A. The Shenendehowa School District did not recently grant permission for the use of our logo to any organization. The use of any of our logos requires approval from the Board of Education.