What is the expectation for teachers posting grades in their gradebooks? My kid has 2 grades posted this quarter in band, both of those from the first half of the quarter and was told no more grades would be posted. He goes to band every day so this can’t possibly represent the full effort of his work this quarter. And he has no individual lesson grades posted either, which either indicates a lack of effort by the teacher to provide any feedback to the kids on their progress or that they did not receive any instrument lessons at all this quarter. How are kids supposed to improve if they receive no feedback from their teachers on their progress over the course of the quarter? Seems to me some teachers are not doing their jobs!

Written by on July 28, 2016

A.  Matters of grading are obviously done differently based on the class and the workload. If there is a concern about a lack of grade or information to monitor a child’s progress, please communicate directly with the teacher, or if necessary, with the building principal.