Why is each percussion student in the HSE band required to purchase their own snare drum sticks, bell mallets, timpani mallets, and yarn marimba mallets. I just purchased these for my child (no snare sticks) and paid $115! This is crazy! Why doesn’t Shen have a supply for these kids to use? It’s not like they are playing an instrument that they can bring home! So why doesn’t Shen have these in the band room for the students to use. Ex. there is only one student who can play a timpani at a time yet all percussion students will have mallets for it. Why?

Written by on September 28, 2017

A.  Percussion students at the middle and high school are asked to purchase only one set of mallets/sticks each year, a cost similar to what other students would have to pay yearly for reeds, mouthpieces, etc.