Hi. I am a student in HSW and an avid leggins-wearer. Leggings are comfortable and they can be worn with many other articles of clothing. We didn’t have to do this in eighth grade, but why do we have to wear shirts that come till mid-thigh in length just to wear leggings? Wearing a top that doesn’t come till mid-thigh doesn’t mean that this outfit is provocative but rather puts a deeper restraint on female students in the building. As a female student, I find this dress code policy very derogatory to girls. Please explain this rule. Wearing a shorter top will not and should not hinder someone else’s education.

Written by on September 28, 2017

A. The purpose of school is to learn. Restrictions on fashion are made at the building level based on whether or not someone’s choices are safe and appropriate and/or disrupt, distract or interfere with the educational process or participation in a school activity/function.