How do you get into the secret honors societies if you have the appropriate grades? Like the new social studies honors? Was this invite to apply only? Like did the teachers whisper in your or your parents ears (assuming they are friends with them)? A political set up perhaps, favoritism just like everything else here. Ridiculous.

Written by on June 4, 2018

A.  *October 15, 2021:  This response is out of date.  Since May 2019, the eligibility requirements to be invited to apply for Rho Kappa are attendance at Shen for one semester; a minimum average for Grade 9-11 Social Studies courses of a 95 and an overall cumulative weighted GPA of 92 at the end of junior year. 

Eligibility to apply for membership in Rho Kappa, the national Society Studies Honor Society was based students’ grade (11th grade), the average of their Grade 9 and 10 social studies grades (94 minimum) and their overall cumulative weighted GPA (90).   To apply for membership, students submitted a  position statement a resume and two recommendation letters.  One recommendation letter from a Social Studies teacher was required.  Invitations to apply were sent to eligible students in March.  Applications were due in April, and were reviewed by a committee.  Eligibility will be determined again in September and newly eligible students will be invited to apply.