Can a student take an online course (core, honors, AP) at the same time as their own classes and once completed, transfer the credits from the online course into their high school credits?

Written by on November 17, 2017

A.  AP scores are not on the high school transcript.  The scores are self-reported on college applications.  Students then send official scores from College Board to the one school they select to attend.  So, if they wanted to report the scores, they would do so on their college application.  If a student is seeking course credit, it would have to be approved by the department chairperson for that discipline. 

 There are students who elect to take college level courses while in high school–some for advancement in an area, some for a topic not offered in high school and some for just the experience.  Those courses are not added to the transcript, but, yet reported to the colleges through the student’s application and resume (could be an AP course or any college course).