Hi, I am just wondering the reason why the new coming 6th graders next year get these very new advanced chromebooks. Personally, considering that the sixth graders here can’t even be trusted with playing games or not in class with THERE chromebooks, Why should these new 6th graders get touchscreen chromebooks?? I personally think its unfair and a little bit of waste of shen’s money. How does shen even afford new chromebooks every year?? I am just curious, Not protesting.

Written by on June 3, 2019

A. The district has established an obsolescence cycle that refreshes devices over time so all or most devices are not replaced all at once.  Currently new devices are issued to incoming 6th and 9th graders.  Six grade students use the same device for their middle school experience while 9th grades keep theirs through grade 12.  Elementary devices are typically replaced after 4 years.  The new touch devices have features that enhance the learning experience for all areas but especially in math.  The cost of this technology has dropped making it now feasible for implementation.