What is the point in classes such as art and general music? Especially for general music, if children do not want to be in chorus, band, or orchestra, they most likely would not want to take a music course. All the courses do is hurt my child’s average and it is ridiculous because personally, I have never used music a single day in my career. If there is some sort of way to not do these courses could you please say it? Thank you and have a great day!

Written by on November 23, 2016

A.  Thanks for sharing your concern.  We respect and understand that each student is different and while art or music may be one child’s favorite class, social studies or technology may be another child’s favorite.  Art and music are required courses.  The study of all disciplines (i.e., math, social studies, art, technology, music, science, English) provides a balanced education for students.  Once in high school your child may be satisfied completing his/her 1 HS credit in art or music and then elect to explore other courses while other students will take as many art or music classes as possible.  To see all available options you can view the Progressions Documents on the academic webpage:  https://www.shenet.org/academics/