Please tell me what the school district is doing or plans on doing in the near future to enhance security at the schools in light of this recent mass shooting…& the many others that have come before it. Thank you

Written by on February 27, 2018

Shenendehowa’s District-wide Emergency Response Team, constantly reviews our current practices related to school safety. This team includes board members, students, teachers, administrators, parents, school safety personnel, law enforcement and first responders. After an event such as this one, the team typically holds a special meeting to discuss what can be learned, changed or enhanced.

As a result of the efforts of this team, the district has enhanced safety practices and protocols over the years including:

  • The development of District-wide School Emergency Response Plan and Building-level Emergency Response Plans (see BOE Policy 5681)
  • Surveillance cameras installed throughout the district inside and out.
  • Locked doors with buzz-in systems installed in all school buildings.  
  • Staff training in crisis management, mass casualty, active shooter drills and identifying  students who may be a threat to self and others.
  • Increased mental health services and training. Our professional staff is trained to identify signs that may be cause for concern (see the district’s Mental Health webpage).
  • Increased collaboration with the N.Y.S. Police and Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Implementation of employee badges and most recently the district is now in the process of producing badges that will be used by staff as their key to get in and out of the buildings.
  • Consistent communication with students and staff about the sense of responsibility with “see (or hear) something, say something.” At the high school, signs posted with an text number for students or staff to send a text if they see something or hear something.
  • Implementation of an after-hours emergency number that goes directly to the district’s 24-7 security personnel (518-371-4004)