I heard that there is no possibility of installing metal detectors because it would not be “feasible” getting 10,000 students in & out, that it is only possible in places like prisons, & that they only provide a “false sense of security.” This simply does not make any sense to me – concerts, professional sport competitions, & airports all take these types of measures with far more people coming in & out. I also don’t understand how it would restrict outdoor activities like recess or gym – all it would entail is for students to have to walk through it each time they entered the building. Lastly, it would not necessarily be about preventing harm to students on their way into the building (that is not where most of these mass shooting have taken place) but in preventing somebody from entering the building with a gun! This just seems like the bare minimum step to take which other schools have already taken. PLEASE we NEED to do everything we can to keep our students safe!

Written by on February 27, 2018

A. No one has said that there is no possibility, just that it has been discussed with law enforcement and deemed that it is not feasible at this point. Any time an event occurs, the District Safety Team meets and discusses options that can be applied based on what we have learned from the most recent event.