Hi, Im a proud Shen mom and have been very involved in my children’s academic lives. I’ve heard through some other various concerned parents, that there will be a personal laptop device given to all students in the coming school year. I would just like to say, I’ve done my own research on these google chromebook devices that my children have told me they use in the classroom. After some digging, I discovered starting prices of chromebooks for schools are $149! If we estimate that there is 3200 students in the high school level, and multiply that by 149 we get nearly half a million dollars!!!! This is horrifying, I am truly disgusted with the schools incompetence on how to spend money. This will definitely be brought up at the next Board meeting by me and my girls!

Written by on May 21, 2018

A. If you research the price of textbooks and you will understand just one of the many benefits of Chromebooks.