We’re hiring for tutors for High School Students! Click to learn more about tutoring!

Written by on September 12, 2023


We’re looking for tutors for High School Students!

Tutors work with students that are engaged with home tutoring and cannot attend school in person. Tutors communicate with student’s teachers to obtain work to complete with students during their sessions in order to keep them on track academically during their absence. Tutors are assigned to students based on need and their areas of knowledge in regards to subject matter in order to support student learning. This position requires basic technology knowledge, excellent people skills, including both verbal and written communication as well as the ability to form positive relationships with adolescents.

Location: Tutoring can be done in person or virtually
Requirement: NYS Teacher Certification (any subject K-12)
Salary: Based on hourly rate

Interested individuals should apply through RecruitFront: https://shenschools.recruitfront.com/Default