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  • Do D3 Athletes get to have a signing day in the Spring?

    A.  We will be working with Stan Hudy from the Community News to do something for Division III Athletes in the spring.  The NCAA does not have Division III Athletes participate in the National Letter of Intent signing because technically at the Division III level there are no athletic scholarships offered by colleges or universities.

  • Is colorgaurd a sport?

    A. No. Sports are based on NYS Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) classification –

  • Is cheer a sport

    A. Yes. Cheerleading is now classified as a sport by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

  • can the athletic trainer do x rays

    A.  No, if there is a suspicion of a fracture he will send them to an orthopedic doctor or Urgent Care, if an emergency, for any diagnostic x-rays.

  • Can freshman girls tryout for the 2017 freshman boys baseball team?

    A.  The answer would be no based on the fact that under the Commissioner of Education regulations for Mixed Competition, softball and baseball are considered a singular sport.  See NYSPHSAA language below: (1) Equal opportunity to participate in interschool competition, either on separate teams or in mixed competition on the same team, shall be […]

  • Can girls join the shen football team?

    A.  See NYSPHSAA rules for Mixed Competition on page 132 of the NYSPHSAA Handbook

  • Where do we sign up for sports?

    A. Information about seasonal meetings for athletics can be found on the athletic web page.