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  • why don’t we get school off on muslim holidays?

    A.  The current policy only calls for days off on certain holidays. That same policy also recognizes that students may choose to observe a variety of established religious day and that decision will be respected.

  • Is there a dress code for classroom teachers?

    A. There is an expectation of professionalism and appropriateness. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a staff person wearing shorts or other summer attire this time of the school year, particularly teachers who are proctoring exams or participating in field day activities. However, in the same way we expect that students’ attire meet a […]

  • Why are drivers test absences marked as unexcused absences even if the parent calls ahead?

    A. Excused Absences According to Commissioner’s Regs 175.6:   a) Personal illness; b) Illness or death in the family; c) Impassable roads or weather; d) Required court appearances; e) Quarantine; f) Attendance at health clinics; g) Approved college visits; h) Military obligations; i) Religious observance; j) Disciplinary detention of incarcerated youth. All other absences for […]

  • Are there any policies towards locker decorating?

    A. At the middle schools, it varies slightly for each school.  Students should stop by their Main Office for specific guidelines.  At the high school, students are allowed to decorate the insides of lockers, provided that no permanent ink is used.

  • Are teachers allowed to hug students?

    A.  Teachers are allowed to be human and to express their appreciation and kindness towards a student. Clearly, there are professional boundaries and expectations. If a student feels uncomfortable, or feels that the “hug” is more than a casual and informal display of appreciation or kindness, then the matter should be addressed.