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WEATHER ALERT! It has come to my attention that Tesago and Skano students were not allowed to go outside for recess yesterday. The reason given was that it was too hot outside! REALLY? When did our kids become that ‘soft’ unable to cope with a beautiful, sun – shiny day? Our kids today are unable to cope with every day life happenings like forgetting their instrument or lunch. We are not raising our kids to be resilient. Today, kids spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, phones and the computer which takes away their opportunity to interact with others. Recess may be one of the only times where kids can go outside and play with other kids. Shame on the two principals who made this decision!

Written by on October 17, 2017 in Grapevine

A. .  The principals follow District protocols with regard to weather and recess.  

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Are the MUD ceremonies something to invite extended family To? I’m wondering about space, seating, Is it a formal event?

Written by on June 2, 2017 in Grapevine

A. All of them are different. Please ask your principal.

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Can I find out Shen policy on recess attire. My child is refusing to wear a jacket to school when it is cold in the morning with warmer temp predicted later in the day. My child’s recess aide makes them wear it during recess and not aloud to take it off. She tells them Shen’s rule is if your parent sent you to school with a jacket you need to wear it at recess. That’s all fine and good during the winter, but fall/spring it can be 30 at 7:20 and 50-60 at noon. I have asked in the school office and they say they don’t have that rule. If kids are hot running around then it’s ok to take off on the hotter days and the aide are told to use their judgement. My child’s aide seems to be a dictator and makes up her own rules, but nothing is done. So I will not be sending my child with a jacket and my child will be the last to complain about being cold. I just hope this doesn’t lead to retaliation from my child aide. I just really want to know if my child’s recess aide can dictate if the children can use their own judgement on wearing a jacket outside or not.

Written by on May 1, 2017 in Grapevine

A. There is no district policy. However, the elementary handbook states that students must be dressed appropriately for recess: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zzHZ1IvdYWfFnXVXX19A3TsUDZICDzMYLFUWXlVGASQ/view

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My child is in elementary school. He is in 3rd grade and they won’t let him play the violin! When he asked the teacher, they told him no! Why is this here, this is so mean to children!

Written by on March 8, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Your best course of action is to speak with the teacher directly.  Sometimes it makes sense to point a student in the direction of a particular instrument but only the teacher can provide accurate information about those decisions/suggestions.  You may also reach out to the Academic Administrator for Music, Frank Rosselli, for more information.  […]

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Can you please explain why Karigon so rarely goes outside. It was 40 degrees most of this week. I called other elementarty schools within the dist. And all of them went outside. Who is making these ridiculous calls to keep Karigon inside?

Written by on March 7, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Although the temperature for outside recess may be conducive to having the students go outdoors, the conditions on the playground and/or equipment may not be.  

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Does Shenendehowa have any policies regarding fundraisers? My child attends Skano and we just received our third fundraiser and we’ve been back to school less than a full month. Grade-level – Playground – PTA. A bit much, don’t you think?

Written by on November 2, 2016 in Grapevine

A.  Shenendehowa does have a policy regarding fundraisers.  All district processes were followed for the fundraisers that have taken place so far this year.  Each fundraiser was for a different purpose and organized by a different group.  Please don’t feel obligated to participate in each one.  We understand parents will need to pick and choose […]

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Would any of the elementary schools accept Box Tops for Education that have expired? Thanks.

Written by on October 21, 2016 in Grapevine

A. The company does not accept them, so we do not.

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Why are the Intermediate Wing Special Education and AIS classrooms at Skano allowed to have furniture – fouton couch, bean bags, etc? I thought furniture was regulated due to student health and safety – viruses, bacteria, germs, illnesses.

Written by on September 15, 2016 in Grapevine

A.  All classrooms have a variety of furniture to meet the needs of the students at that grade level.   Any furniture or equipment that is purchased for student use needs to be approved by the head custodian to ensure it meets our safety and fire retardant requirements.  If you have further concerns, please speak with […]

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As I look through my child’s Karigon school supply list, I noticed a $10 fee for “special activities”. Perplexed on what special activities are being done, I looked at other supply list in Karigon and throughout the district. Schools like Tesago and Arongen do not ask for extra money. Why is my child asked to send in extra? What special activities will this money be used for?

Written by on August 23, 2016 in Grapevine

A. The district policy on school supplies states:  Teachers may request up to $10 during the course of the year for special projects that will complement the curriculum or for student recognition activities. Grade level activity accounts must be established with the district for deposit and use of these funds. See the complete policy here: http://www.shenet.org/school-supplies/

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how do I get a copy of a yearbook from the late 80s when I went to skano elemental school?

Written by on July 28, 2016 in Grapevine

A. Skano does not have any from the late 80s on file, so we are not sure if there even was one. 

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