Do the elementary schools have guidelines they could share with families regarding recess decisions? My child attends Skano and they seem to be inside more than outside. Skano / Tesago were the only elementary buildings (2 out of 8) to stay in due to heat. Skano was outside in pouring rain, but, inside due to wetness and mud? It’s 15 minutes!

Written by on November 30, 2017

A.  There are district guidelines regarding the appropriate temperature for outdoor recess.  Our School Physician has recommended that outside recess be canceled on days when the air temperature/wind chill factor is 20 degrees.  He cites the increased chance of both cold-induced asthma and injuries to fingers, toes, etc. For Heat Index of 96 degrees or greater, no outside activity, practice or contest, should be held according to NYSPHSAA. Beyond that, it is a building-level decision.

Please contact Skano’s main office to learn how inside and outside recess is determined each day.  Skano has had outside recess many more days than inside recess. They prefer students playing outside and will always put what’s best for our student’s health and safety when making a decision.