What is the new statue outside of OKTE and where did the money come from to build it?

Written by on August 10, 2020

A. The new statue outside of Okte is an owl and owlet.  Outgoing Principal Lisa Mickle and Okte’s art teacher, Sara Braglia, had worked last year with a local artist (Tori Rodriguez) in making an art sculpture for Okte based on the school’s icon, an owl. The artist had visited Okte’s 5th grade students to discuss potential careers in both welding and art. Gr. 5  students researched various images of owls and collectively shared their favorite with the artist who in turn fashioned the sculpture with all recycled metal parts to reflect their choice. 

The Okte community held numerous fundraising activities for a new playground equipment. The sculpture is funded from that account. Additional landscaping will be added around the art installation to create a safe space along with a plaque describing the work and naming the artist.  The statue will be officially introduced when it is completed via a virtual ceremony in September.