I’m hearing concerns that the District isn’t being completely transparent with respect to the number of Covid-19 cases in our Shen community. I completely respect HIPAA, but parents, teachers, and other employees are being asked to make serious decisions about our children and families without knowing whether there is one case or 20. Some parents believe there are no cases or only one case, because it seems as if only the first case will be reported (Times Union reported a second? Are there more? How would we know?), which gives a false sense of security. We really need to know much/how fast this is spreading to make critical, informed decisions. Other districts around the country are reporting number of total cases, why don’t we deserve the same? This can be done without violating privacy.

Written by on August 11, 2020

A. Questions about notification were answered in the Q & A.  We are using the same notifications that we use for all communicable diseases (MRSA, Meningitis, Pertussis, etc.) A notification goes to ALL, meaning the entire district when there is a newly confirmed case in a building to let people know that a building has a case and to take precautions if you have had contact with someone in that building.

Notifications regarding follow up cases identified through contact tracing will go to the parents and staff in that building and the people identified through contact tracing.

As of right now, we have two confirmed cases, two individuals who work closely together in the transportation department. You can always contact the public information officer at the district to find out the total number of cases if you feel the need to do so.