11/18/21 – Hi, I was wondering why the high school lunches are being switched to three forty minute lunches. There will be way more people in each lunch than there is currently and that’s doesn’t seem safe in terms of COVID spread. Also it takes so long to get through the lunch line already and this will just make it even longer. I remember when I was a freshman and sophomore we had the period schedule and there was always four lunches because of the amount of kids in each lunch. So why, during covid times, are we packing more kids into the cafeteria when we don’t have enough space currently with the four lunches. Also, the overlapping time is really helpful for meeting with teachers if you have an adjacent lunch to theirs and you don’t have any other time to ask them questions or meet with them. Please reconsider having three lunches and keep the four lunches! Thank you. – Student

Written by on November 18, 2021

A. It is because of the overlapping lunches. When we had 4 – 40min lunches during the 120 min block 3 we ended up with a total of 40 min that saw 50% of the students in lunch at a given time. With the change we never see more than 33% of the school eating lunch at once. It is actually a reduction.