Capital Projects

Initial Summer 2019 Construction Schedule

Campus Main Roads

All dates weather permitting

7/1 Main road access from Moe Road to the HSE circle drive will be closed until further notice.   All cross campus traffic will enter the southern HSE drive and follow signs for new traffic patterns that will change by the week.

The Main Entrance from Rt 146 will have intermittent lane changes and re routing due to the new configuration.

Expect delays and flagger controls similar to any road construction project.

Road construction map

High School East

6/17 to 8/16  Complete renovation for the Kitchen and Cafeteria decommissioning begins 6/17 with district staff and contractors.

Asbestos abatement begins 6/27.  No through traffic from the east of the building to the west for the duration.

Karigon/ Orenda

Cafeteria floor tile abatement scheduled for 7/9, new floor to begin 7/19, completion scheduled for July 30.  No access between buildings for the duration of this work.


Cafeteria floor tile abatement scheduled for 7/18, new floor to begin 7/28, completion scheduled for 8/9.  No access between buildings for the duration of this work.



Work Begins Summer 2019

  • District-Wide Signage-Work Begins Summer 2019
    • Exterior wayfinding and field signs
    • Building/entry identifiers
  • HS East Kitchen/Cafeteria
    • Modernizing space to provide better flow and use
  • Gowana, Acadia and Koda Cafeterias
    • Provide acoustical treatments to remediate excess
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure
    • Provide natural gas infrastructure for future use in kitchens at High School West, Gowana, Acadia, Koda, Karigon/Orenda, Skano/Tesago, Okte and Chango
  • Bus Garage & Maintenance Facility
    • Provide emergency generator for essential services
    • Replace existing bus lifts
  • Parking
    • Replace existing asphalt at Koda and Acadia with new asphalt
  • Upgrade electrical distribution
    • Karigon/Orenda, Skano/Tesago, Okte, Chango, Gowana, Acadia, Koda, HS West and HS East
  • Security/Phone/Technology
    • Provide additional server space for disaster recovery
    • New VoIP phone system
    • Re-testing existing campus fiber and add new as required
  • Traffic Flow Rt 146 Entrance Reconfiguration
    • Move School Road towards Middle School providing additional space for vehicles entering campus
    • Provide additional lane to stack vehicles leaving Elementary School area
    • Provide additional lane to stack vehicles leaving campus
    • Provide Campus Map pull off lane entering campus
  • Traffic Flow Moe Road Entrance Reconfiguration
    • Provide additional lane entering campus extending to tennis court allowing for turning lane into HSE
    • Extend additional lane leaving campus for vehicle stacking
    • Provide secondary access to student parking
    • Provide student drop-off single entry/exit
    • Provide new entry access to Faculty parking
    • Provide Campus Map pull off lane entering campus

      Photo of Moe Rd Entrance      Photo of Rte 146 Entrance


        $22.2 Million Capital Project Approved by Voters December 5, 2017

          Still in Design Phase 

          • Science Room Modernization at High School East
            • Modernizing 8 science and 4 prep rooms on the 2nd floor
            • Converting 4 art rooms into 3 modernized science and one prep room on the 1st floor
            • Anticipated Phased Construction – Dates TBD
          • HS Technology Wing ModernizationHigh School Map
            • Transforming existing Technology Classroom area into High School “STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Center”
            • Art rooms incorporated into new STEAM Center
            • Anticipated Phased Construction – Dates TBD