Capital Projects

Summer 2019 Construction Schedule

Campus Main Roads

Construction Completed Summer 2019

Road construction map

High School East

Renovation for the Kitchen and Cafeteria is mostly complete. A few punch list items remain.

Karigon/ Orenda

Cafeteria floor tile abatement complete Summer 2019.


Cafeteria floor tile abatement complete Summer 2019.



$22.2 Million Capital Project Approved by Voters December 5, 2017


    • District-Wide Signage-Work Begins Summer 2019
      • Exterior wayfinding and field signs
      • Building/entry identifiers
    • HS East Kitchen/Cafeteria
      • Modernizing space to provide better flow and use
    • Gowana, Acadia and Koda Cafeterias
      • Provide acoustical treatments to remediate excess
    • Natural Gas Infrastructure
      • Provide natural gas infrastructure for future use in kitchens at High School West, Gowana, Acadia, Koda, Karigon/Orenda, Skano/Tesago, Okte and Chango
    • Bus Garage & Maintenance Facility
      • Provide emergency generator for essential services
      • Replace existing bus lifts
    • Parking
      • Replace existing asphalt at Koda and Acadia with new asphalt
    • Upgrade electrical distribution
      • Karigon/Orenda, Skano/Tesago, Okte, Chango, Gowana, Acadia, Koda, HS West and HS East
    • Security/Phone/Technology
      • Provide additional server space for disaster recovery
      • New VoIP phone system
      • Re-testing existing campus fiber and add new as required
    • Traffic Flow Rt 146 Entrance Reconfiguration
      • Move School Road towards Middle School providing additional space for vehicles entering campus
      • Provide additional lane to stack vehicles leaving Elementary School area
      • Provide additional lane to stack vehicles leaving campus
      • Provide Campus Map pull off lane entering campus
    • Traffic Flow Moe Road Entrance Reconfiguration
      • Provide additional lane entering campus extending to tennis court allowing for turning lane into HSE
      • Extend additional lane leaving campus for vehicle stacking
      • Provide secondary access to student parking
      • Provide student drop-off single entry/exit
      • Provide new entry access to Faculty parking
      • Provide Campus Map pull off lane entering campus

        Photo of Moe Rd Entrance      Photo of Rte 146 Entrance


          Still in Design Phase 

          • Science Room Modernization at High School East
            • Modernizing 8 science and 4 prep rooms on the 2nd floor
            • Converting 4 art rooms into 3 modernized science and one prep room on the 1st floor
            • Anticipated Phased Construction – Dates TBD
          • HS Technology Wing ModernizationHigh School Map
            • Transforming existing Technology Classroom area into High School “STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Center”
            • Art rooms incorporated into new STEAM Center
            • Anticipated Phased Construction – Dates TBD