Capital Projects

Capital Project Work

Referendum 2023- Reconstruction of 5 Maxwell Drive

5 Maxwell Drive – 1 Pager Info Sheet

The District is in the process of planning for a Capital Construction Referendum on May 16, 2023.

On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, the Shenendehowa Board of Education acted on a resolution to accept the donation of 5 Maxwell Drive. The District closed on the transfer of ownership on December 29, 2022. With the ownership of the Maxwell Drive property, the District has gone from engaging in a lot of “what-if” conversations to now engaging in actual planning for a defined benefit, particularly having the capacity to provide full-day kindergarten. The cost for the reconstruction of the facilities to transform it into a school and school-related purposes will be proposed as a referendum on the May 16, 2023 Budget Vote ballot.

The unexpected donation comes on the heels of almost five years of intense review of open spaces larger than 20 acres in Halfmoon. School officials engaged with various real estate representatives, with family land owners, walked various properties to assess how wet the property was, engaged in various engineering studies, and completed several assessment valuations. The reality is, the purchasing of property did not materialize. However, at the right price point and acreage, obtaining developable land in the Town of Halfmoon is still a priority. Then Shenendehowa Central School District is not time bound and consequently our obligation continues to preserve capacity for future use.


These are the presentations made to the Board of Education:


  • Construction of 35-40 classrooms for the provision of full-day Kindergarten.
  • Ancillary special education, academic supports (ENL/AIS) and elective courses classrooms.
  • Spaces for PE, Music, Art, and Library, kitchen/cafeteria, and various administrative functions
  • Spaces for certain specialized Life Skills Program
  • With a growing need for pre-K services (4-year olds), it is prudent to assess the provision of spaces to address some of those needs


The centralization of Kindergarten in the new facility frees up at 2-3 classrooms in each elementary school, lending to desperately needed space for grades 1-5 program needs and avoids the potential need for redistricting and the disruption that comes with that to families.

Certain spaces in some school buildings currently designated for adult offices would be centralized, freeing up said spaces for student purposes, potentially leading to the equivalent of up to 8-12 classrooms.


  • Allows for the consolidation of district level operations, and support needs, including, but not limited to: Information Management Services, professional development, purchasing, warehouses and storage.
    • Addresses outgrowing of warehouse spaces, and yielding increased efficiency due to proximity with business and financial services, including, but not limited to:
      • Warehouse – Inventory – Centralized Purchasing
      • Warehouse – Records Storage
      • Warehouse – Computer Devices
      • Warehouse – Instructional Materials
      • Warehouse – Facilities and Grounds
      • Warehouse – Food Services

$26.5 Million Capital Project Approved by Voters May 18, 2021

Phase I (2022)- Completed

Spring/Summer 2022 

  1. HSE Back Parking Lot & Sidewalk 
  2. HSE & HSW – Roofing 
  3. Koda Turf Field – work starts 5/18/22 
  4. Arongen A/C – to be commissioned 5/20/22
  5. Arongen Boiler Replacement – Work starts 5/27/22 
  6. Arongen, HSW Windows – Select Areas of Replacement 
  7. HSE – Main Gym Replace Flooring

Fall 2022- Postponed  

  1. District Office – Convert to public water 
  2. District Office – Repave 
  3. District Office – Ventilation/HVAC upgrade 
  4. District Office – Generator/Emergency Power

Phase II (Summer 2023)

  1. Gowana Main Office/Art Room reconfiguration
  2. Gowana Main Entrance Update 
  3. MS – Upgrade Science Rooms 
  4. MS – LED Lighting 
  5. Elementary Schools – Air Conditioning (excl. Arongen/Shatekon)
  6. Elementary & MS – Upgrade Electric Power Capacity 
  7. Elementary & MS – Flooring Abatement (excl. Arongen/Shatekon) 
  8. North & South Elementary – Repave School Drive 
  9. HSE – Chiller Replacement 
  10. Grounds – Replace Heating System with Natural Gas 

Phase III (Summer 2024) 

  1. HSE – Replace Turf Athletic Field & Track 
  2. HSE – Replace Tennis Courts 
  3. HSE – Main Gym Replace Flooring – moved to summer 2022 
  4. HSE – Modernize 2 Music Rooms/Offices 
  5. HSW – Repave IMS side of Building 
  6. HSW – LED Corridor Lighting 
  7. HSW – Replace Select Windows 
  8. Transportation – Replace Fuel Tank 
  9. Transportation – Provide New Paint Booth
  10. Operations – Repave & Add Parkin