Tri-Building Mathcounts Club students at Gowana, Koda and Acadia participated in a virtual regional math competition landing three students a spot in the state competition! More info…

Written by on March 10, 2022
On Thursday, February 17th, the following students participated in the virtual regional Mathcounts competition: 
  • From Acadia: Sicheng Yu, Yuan Wan, Jiatong Gao, Wesley Shen, Jierui Zhu, Adarsh Neti, Larry Yang and Emma Li.  
  • From Gowana:  Joel Wong, Emily Andre, Nitya Bajaj, Anish Thirukumaran, Thihansa Waduthanthree, Aarush Singh, Kathleen Marriner and Isaac Nawrot.
  • From Koda:  Ruoxi Zhan, Jean-Luc Le, Jiaying Yin, Oliver Lian, Arham Ahsan, Amirthini Vinothkumar and Yixuan Zhou.
They were assisted by Mathcounts coach Jennifer Sprague and student coaches Arya De, Anthony Yang and Aivin Le. Based on their scores, Acadia students Sicheng, Yuan, Wesley and Jierui were invited to participate at the state competition.  Sicheng, Wesley and Jierui attended the state competition this past Saturday in person in Saratoga.  Great job to all!

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