11/15/21 – Hello. Many students including myself recently learned of a program that allows teachers to view the screens of students’ chromebooks from their desks to make sure they are doing their work. While I personally have no problem with this inside of school, can the application be used on the students outside of school, and can the application access the webcam of students’ chromebooks? Thank you. – Student

Written by on November 15, 2021

A. It is true that we’ve deployed software to better equip our teaching staff with a means of keeping students focused on classwork during the school day. This software cannot leverage a device’s webcam regardless of whether it is a district issued or privately owned device. We have also put limitations in that automatically end all sessions at the end of normal school hours, and prevents new ones from being created until the start of the next school day. The software is also disabled on weekends and we intend to disable it on break weeks as well.