12/15/22 I feel as if my rights as a citizen have been violated by school employees. According to BOE Policy 8420, “people refusing to salute the flag may not be required to stand silently or leave the room. The act of standing itself is considered a ‘gesture of acceptance’ and the option of leaving the room is considered ‘punishment for nonparticipation.'” While making my way to advisory, I was forced to “stop for the pledge.” I believe that being stopped for the pledge against my will is an infraction of the policy. This is absolutely unacceptable. I expected Shenendehowa High School to actually follow their vision of making the school “a culturally-responsive and inclusive school community where respect and civility are modeled by all.” Clearly Shenendehowa is ill fit to educate students if they cannot even educate their staff on their own policies. Shen claims to hire for excellence, apparently seeking individuals who are “Open minded.” Shen may claim to such virtuous values, yet fails to even begin to realize them. Where are they in practice? Student

Written by on December 15, 2022

A. Students are never required to say or stand for the pledge. However, students may not be disruptive during the pledge.  Students that are still talking in the hallways are asked not to be disruptive during the pledge.