2/24/23 – Q: Is it within district policy for Skano to have events where adult attendance is not overseen by the main office and the main entrance? For example, I recently attended their Valentine’s Day Kindergarten event. Parents signed-in and sign-out using the “honor system” and used a side door. I was told by a fellow parent that is standard policy there. They use the “honor system” or support staff, never the main office and never the main entrance. It seems as though it would go against safety regulations. Wouldn’t you want to closely monitor who is coming and going in your school building?

Written by on February 24, 2023

A: Thank you for your concern. All parents attending the Valentines party were greeted, asked for the reason of their visit and then buzzed in by the main office. At no time were the visiting adults unmonitored.  With large events, we use a sign in and sign out at the location of the classroom event. There is no honor system. Classroom teachers notify the main office of who is expected and who actually attended. At no time are doors unlocked and not monitored.