2/24/23 – Q: February “break”/ April “break”- Who is this a break for? My daughter has homework/ project drafts in 3 classes. Why are teachers assigning these things over break weeks? – Parent

Written by on February 24, 2023

A: Thanks for sharing your concern.  Shenendehowa homework regulation states:  Assignments over vacation periods should be rare and limited to projects that began in advance of the break period and extend beyond the break period.

Projects may be assigned well in advance of a school break with a deadline several days (or weeks) after the conclusion of a school break where students might prefer to use some time over the break to complete some of the project. In these cases, teachers must be available to address student questions, as they arise.

The breaks are designed for all students though some students in certain classes may choose to catch up on work over break.   Please reach out to your child’s teacher or the school principal to discuss in more detail as needed.