3/29/22 – Hi, this is just a friendly request. In the high school when a student is cvl and there is a sub, it is typical for the.google meet not to be opened by the sub. I understand this and don’t raise an issue with it. However, some teachers don’t post a note on Google to let the CVL students know the teacher won’t be in and that there is no google meet. This leaves the conscientious student to keep trying to enter the meet for a long time in case a teacher is just late opening the meet, which happens sometimes too. My friendly request is this – can there be a better, reliable system in place so cvl students know there is a sub and therefore there is no google meet so a student doesn’t have to just keep trying to get into a class that isn’t even going to be opened? It’s really frustrating for a student. Thanks. – Parent

Written by on March 29, 2022

A. Teachers typically post in Google Classroom if they are out.