5/25/22 – Regarding graduation at SPAC, why is there not a limit as to how many seats a family may save? At the very least, every parent/guardian should be guaranteed a seat. Please respond as I have read feedback after graduation in prior years at SPAC. – Parent

Written by on May 25, 2022

A. Yes, there is no limit on guests at graduation. Administration knows that each graduate brings approximately just over six guests when we average it out. Of course, some have 20, and others have 1. Immediate family varies significantly from family to family, and it would not be plausible to reserve seating. There would not be a way to decide who gets reserved seating closer and further away from the stage area. In other words, each graduate can’t be given 6 tickets and have 4,500 guests with tickets that all have close seating. With approximately 750 graduates choosing to attend the ceremony, there are typically enough theater seats for all that attend. There are 5,200 seats in the theater, and the venue holds 25,000 in total. Some guests prefer the lawn and bring chairs or have young kids that do better on the lawn, which provides even more seating. This year the plan is to also have the large screens that they do for concerts so that may also increase those choosing the lawn. The district is really looking forward to getting back to SPAC for graduation. The venue is fantastic for graduation and provides ample seating and good views from just about anywhere.