I know the school name, Shenendahowa, means settlers of the plains, which is why we are called the Plainsmen. However, it seems odd to me that we use a native language for our school name and use traditional native crafts to represent our school through logos, such as that of the Shen Shop. If our school is priding itself on native culture, shouldn’t we do more to make sure we are respecting and honoring their culture, not taking it for branding? And shouldn’t we, school-wide, further our education on the tribes that used to reside here, if we are using their language and culture?

Written by on July 17, 2020

A. In 1951, the newly centralized school district voted to purchase 160 acres to build a K-12 school. This land was part of the Shenendahowe or Clifton Park Patent of 1708. The Iroquois word “Shenendahowe” means Great Plains. That’s how the district became known as Shenendehowa Central Schools. That is why we are called the plainsmen. You can learn more about our history here: https://www.shenet.org/about-us/historical-information-2/

The curriculum does teach students about the Iroquois.