Is there a limit to the length of a students’ bus ride. My grandchildren leave Tesago at 2:15 and the bus drops them at their house in the Oaks at 3:05. This is their regular time. I thought it seemed rather long

Written by on September 23, 2016

A.  There are many factors that impact the school bus ride home. The NYS Commissioner of Education has ruled on numerous occasions that a bus ride of 1.5 hours is not unreasonable. The Shen school district attempts to keep bus rides under one hour when possible. We strive for both safety and efficiencies. Note, while dismissal is at 2:15, the buses don’t leave campus until 2:25 on average, this is due to the time it takes to load and account for all students and then school buses must contend with the extremely heavy traffic on campus as they make their way to their first stop.