Ms. Keller’s class at Orenda Elementary dove into a Storyworks article titled Vanished that discussed theories of what happened to Amelia Earhart. Two students took it to a whole new level…

Written by on March 10, 2022

Ms. Keller’s class read a Storyworks article titled Vanished, discussing theories on what happened to Amelia Earhart. Two girls asked to do an extension activity of their own. Lyla Steitzer and Stella Girard used evidence from the text and came up with their own theory, and presented it in a fictional way. They found this bottle in one of their backyards with a signed letter from Amelia herself. It turns out that one of the girls is a descendant of the family. Even Shen High School teachers were questioning the authenticity! What a great activity during both National Reading Month and Women’s History Month.

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