There were recently two positive covid cases in Y-Time at one of the elementary schools, causing many students to quarantine. Nothing was posted about these positive cases either in the reporting of COVID notifications. Y-time may not be part of the school system, but the way they allow the students to literally sit on top of each other and touch each other impacts the school when those students leave Y-time and enter their classrooms. Taking temperatures apparently is not going to stop COVID cases from spreading. Has Shen given any thought to how Y-time is run?

Written by on February 1, 2021

A. The Y-time program is run and operated by the YMCA. They have protocols and mandates that they must adhere to per New York State Department Of Health (NYSDOH). They have to submit all plans to the NYSDOH as well, in order to operate.  For further questions or concerns, we would advise that you call the YMCA to address the matter.