What the procedure when a teacher or student tests positive, like the case at Chango? Is the whole class required to get tested, are they directed to stay home, is the classroom immediately sanitized?

Written by on September 25, 2020

A. When the Saratoga Public Health Department informs the district that there is positive case, the district’s COVID Response Team meets to begin gathering all of the information for the health department to begin contact tracing protocols. This includes information like class lists, phone numbers, last date in school, seating charts, lunch information, recess information, masks, distancing, amount of time spent with individuals, transportation to and from school, self-certification, family members and more.

The main consideration when recommending mandatory quarantine for precautionary purposes is pro-longed, direct contact with a positive individual.  This is a summary of how it is looked at:

  • The positive individual is A – Mandatory isolation
  • The people in pro-longed, direct contact are B – Mandatory quarantine
  • The people in contact with individuals identified as B are C.  Nothing recommended unless B becomes symptomatic/positive.