3/31/22 – Why do we keep using GoFan when they are charging our students service charges on everything? Prom tix are expensive enough and should not have a service charge attached. Students used to pay $1 to go to a football game and now tix have additional service charges. Either Shen should be absorbing this fee for our students or not use it for everything just because it’s confusing. Prom tix that are $85 each – $170 per couple should NOT have a service charge. – Parent

Written by on March 31, 2022

A. Administrators and advisors have been working with the business office. Online ticketing prevents handling upwards of $50,000 and the class does absorb some of the cost for Prom or else the tickets would be more. With the price of food, labor shortages, etc… they had to work really hard with caterers to create a fair price and even find someone to do it. The tickets are probably on par with other increases the district has seen over the past few years. Prices in the past for prom were around $75 a ticket.