I know this has been asked before but the answer never seems to dig deep enough. Why is there such a discrepancy in field trips among the middle schools. Acadia 6th grade just went to Massachusetts. Gowana 6-1 went to Ellms Farm. Gowana 6-2 stayed at school and had a team day on campus. Hmmm. In 8th grade, Acadia goes to Washington, DC and their students also participate in the “8th grade field trip” to Great Escape, while Gowana students only go to Great Escape. What has to change so that the Gowana students (and assumingly Koda too) get to go on the same types of field trips? Skip Great Escape for 8th graders (since kids go there all the time on their own) and take them all to Washington DC! There is such an inequity in the field trips. If it’s up to the team teachers, then maybe it’s time to change them up or change up the rules so all kids benefit from the trips!

Written by on October 21, 2016

A. Please call your principal if you want to dig deeper.