I was not aware that a principal can make a school/building policy without BOE/District review. Mr. Burns has made a Acadia policy not to allow students to decorate a locker for any occasion (i.e. B-Days, school spirit, support or recognition). It is my understanding that he made this policy after a parent complained that their son or daughter couldn’t have their locker decorated. Kids have been decorating lockers for school spirit, accomplishments and birthdays for a long time and it is part of the experience of school. I really hope that this will be looked at more closely and the appropriate action be taken to have this policy removed and let the kids have some fun and express themselves. A SIS message to the Acadia parents would be helpful to understand what the policy is going forward. Thank You.

Written by on March 8, 2017

A. Schools are able to make their own policies when it comes to the day-to-day operations. This decision was made to be consistent with the two other middle schools.