I’m a junior and since juniors can’t drive to school I have to take the bus. My bus comes at approximately 6:34am and sometimes earlier. I find myself almost missing the bus because it consistently comes earlier as the week progresses. When my bus gets to campus, at 6:50am, we have to wait on the bus until 7:10am. That’s 20 minutes of sitting on the bus Infront of school. My question is Why can’t the bus drivers pick the students up at least five minutes later instead of rushing to school to wait Infront for 20 minutes?

Written by on May 23, 2016

A.  This is a question that is often asked. The bus driver starts the route on time every day. Sometimes the route runs later and sometimes it runs earlier depending on a couple of factors such as traffic, weather and the number of student who may/may not board the bus on any particular day. We encourage parents/students to call transportation if they are experiencing individual issues with the bus arrival time. We have consistently advertised a 10 minute window on either side of the planned pickup or drop off time.