What is the reasoning behind waiting till June to tell parents if their child is AM or PM kindergarten? Registration is in January yet we have to wait nearly 5 months! People need to arrange for before or after care or make a choice to enroll their children in a full day private program. If you are NOT going to offer full day kindergarten you could at least have the courtesy to tell parents the am or pm selection sooner.

Written by on March 15, 2018

A.  First, not all Kindergarten students are registered in January.  There are many more who register after that time.  Second, the district uses the number of students in March to determine staffing levels for the next year for all grade levels. Third, once the staffing levels are determined the number of sections for each grade level in the elementary schools are set. Fourth, transportation takes all of the students registered for Kindergarten, based on the number of sections created and determines which neighborhoods would be AM or PM based on the ability to schedule the bus runs for the half day part of the program. The fourth step is finalized in June with the most recent student information available at that time.