Why do we have bus drivers shortage?

Written by on May 24, 2017

A.  Thank you for your question. The issue of school bus driver shortage is not unique to Shenendehowa Central Schools but is a nationwide problem. There are several reasons for the school bus driver shortage. Data shows that for every bus driver who resigns or retires, school districts and private contractors must find 2.5 applicants and of those 2.5 we may end up holding on to one. Most job seekers are looking for full time jobs with benefits. School transportation is predominantly made up of part time employees. Obtaining benefits could take longer than job seekers are willing to wait for. Finding quality applicants who will be a positive influence on our children and who will be safe operators shrinks the pool of available applicants. Training an applicant is a lengthy process which also is a negative for those seeking immediate employment. These are but a few reasons which contribute to the shortage.