Why does the school spend so much on buses when your fleet just needs maintenance. If I had 20 Corvettes from the past 20 years that just needed some work here and there, why would I buy new ones? Replace corvettes with buses

Written by on January 8, 2018

A. Safety is what drives our bus replacement plan. A school bus is not a corvette and there’s a lot more to maintaining a safe school bus fleet than just a little maintenance here and little maintenance there. School buses must pass a 230 plus point inspection every six months. After 10-13 years of winter cycles and all the corrosives used on the roadways, the buses begin to deteriorate more so than cars due to their unique construction. Also, buses, unlike cars are used in what is called severe duty which is a lot of stop and go. I hope these couple of items we shared with you will help shed the light on the differences between corvettes and school buses.