The parking lot at Orenda was recently reconfigured and the parking spots were made WAY TOO narrow in the row closest to the campus road. I work at Orenda and surprise, my front bumper was clipped last week. Parents park there before school to avoid reversing out of spots and zoom forward onto the campus road after dropping off. Also, they park at an angle to prevent a car parking next to them and take up two spots, helping them to shoot forward and taking up spots for employees attempting to park. Shouldn’t they be waiting in the designated parent drop off lane in the parking lot? Some parents are still pulling up in the far row and sending kids running through the parking lot and even across to the middle school. This holds up employees and on several occasions, school buses trying to get in line to unload, not to mention, it is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. If a large vehicle, such as an SUV parks in the far row, there is no room to even open car doors and you can’t see to reverse out of a spot. This has created a dangerous situation in the lot and it should be reexamined. Thank you.

Written by on October 19, 2016

A. Thanks for the feedback.