In an effort to improve communications the district has created this format to provide people with a place to get answers to questions and to address rumors and inaccurate information that sometimes circulates through the community.

NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. For individual or private concerns, you should contact the school or district office by phone. We will not answer comments about specific individuals by name.

Questions are e-mailed to the district’s public information office. The PI Officer determines who could best answer the question and directs the question to that person. Once the PIO receives the answer it is posted.

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Latest Grapevine Posts:

  • Why were the murals on the stairs and walls removed from HSE?

    A. Things change.  High School administration met with the art department and students in the National Art Honor Society. The plan is to brighten the building up by doing some painting of door frames, walls, etc. The murals will be slowly replaced with various types of other art from students in the building. The mural […]

  • Why is it always cold in HSE?

    A.  Rooms are set to be climate controlled. If you have specific areas of the building or rooms that are of concern please notify the main office.

  • Can you wear clothing that has the confederate flag on it?

    A. According the dress code in the Code of Conduct (BOE Regulation 4410R)…In order to promote and foster a culturally proficient school environment preserving respect, dignity, and civility, students shall not wear or display racially or ethnically provocative or divisive symbols or items that are vulgar, obscene, libelous, or denigrate others because of race, color, […]

  • how do you change a password on a chromebook?

    A.  At the logon screen of any middle or high school Chromebook click on the apps icon in the lower left corner and select Password Self Help Tool.  If you have previously setup your profile you can answer a challenge question to reset your password.  If you have not previously setup your profile you must […]

  • How and when can I join SHED?

    A.  To inquire more about the SHED and how to join please speak with Mr. LaBarre, Mr. Gutchell, or Mr. Bullington. There is an application process they can explain to you.